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15th June 2024 
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My name is Wendy Graham, firstly, thank you for visiting my website. I would like to tell you a little about me and my journey that has led me to what I do today.
I have a background of working as a Nurse in the NHS for 20 years, working in various specialities, predominantly General Surgery, Cardiology and Practice Nursing, in and around Newcastle Upon Tyne. I loved my job! Throughout my career, for which I had a great passion, I have witnessed, and still do, the amazing skills within the NHS, the Medical Staff doing their best to help patients and the amazing expertise of those who treat emergencies and acute conditions. There are still some very special people out there doing a fantastic job!

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Treating symptoms

I have always had a keen curiosity about the body displaying symptoms, communicating in the only way it knows how, by creating disruptions in the body's basic functions, exhausting it or creating pain. Over my years as a Nurse I saw many chronic conditions that were managed with medication, chronic conditions, sometimes progressing and persisting, but never improving. I also saw patients presenting with symptoms of ill health that no one had an answer for, no diagnosis or explanation of why they were feeling unwell, the only solution was to give Pharmaceutical drugs to mask the symptoms. I truly felt the frustration and despondency of patients in these situations, they felt they had no hope of recovery, no hope of feeling well again.
For this reason, plus ill health experiences of my own , and my close family members spanning over the last 10years, I felt guided to train as a Holistic Practitioner. During my ill health I saw a Reflexologist in Newcastle and a Homeopath/ Kinesiologist in Northumberland who both helped me to be well again. I am pleased to say that my sessions with them resolved my imbalances and deficiencies, I no longer suffer from my condition, nor do I take any medication. I now appreciate the importance of prevention, therefore I ensure that I have regular balancing sessions every 4-6 weeks.

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The body communicates

Bloating/ Indigestion
Bowel disorders, constipation/ diarrhoea
Low energy/ depression/ anxieties
Brain fog
Back ache
Weight loss or weight increase
Unexplained muscular or joint aches
Skin conditions

The body communicates with us. The above can be some of the symptoms to tell us that something is not working right, subtle symptoms that we often ignore which if continuously ignored, can lead to severe symptoms with alarm bells ringing, saying 'act now or else! '
When the body is out of balance it can display many symptoms. These are just some of them. They can be constant or intermittent.

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We need to listen to our body as we would with our car!

Listening to our body is so important!
We listen to noises, bumps, creaks and groans on our car, the red warning light comes on and we take action, taking it straight to the garage to be fixed. We take it for an annual MOT and service to ensure it functions well. We know that if we take care of it well, we will have improved performance and it will last much longer.
However.........Our body gives us signs, such as those listed above, that something is not right and we either ignore it or take drugs for the symptoms. It is like sticking a plaster over the warning lights in your car. You might temporarily not be able to see it but if you remove the plaster, the warning light is still on and the problem may have worsened. The more we look after our body, its performance will increase and the longer it will last.

Why Holistics?

The benefits of Holistic treatments is that we do not treat parts of the body individually, we treat it as a whole, if one area is out of balance it may show up as a symptom elsewhere. We also appreciate that it is important to not only treat the physical symptoms but to also look at emotions, energies and nutrition that can massively influence it.

My Qualifications

VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology MAR
Cert ASK Kinesiology
Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree

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